The following commands are provided by epifx:

  • epifx-forecast generates forecasts from live data.

Live forecasting

To generate forecasts from live data, use epifx-forecast. In the example below, forecasts will be generated for each scenario defined in the file scenarios.toml:

epifx-forecast scenarios.toml

You can generate separate forecasts for multiple dates by specifying a date range. In the example below, separate forecasts will be generated for each date in May 2022 where there is an observation:

epifx-forecast --from 2022-05-01 --until 2022-05-31 scenarios.toml

You can distribute forecast simulations across multiple processes by specifying how many processes to use. In the example below, up to 4 simulations will be run in parallel:

epifx-forecast --spawn 4 scenarios.toml

You can run forecasts for a subset of the scenarios defined in a scenario file. In the example below, forecasts will only be generated for the “Foo” and “Bar” scenarios:

epifx-forecast --scenario Foo --scenario Bar scenarios.toml

For further information about epifx-forecast command-line arguments, see the help output:

epifx-forecast --help